Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rusty Orange

Orange sculpture Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

I recently visited the Yorshire sculpture park better known as the YSP for those of you who have never been it is this vast expanse of greenery which is home to some incredible sculptures by the legendary Henry Moore many of his sculptures are abstract and essentuate the human form but there are also works by Anthony Gormley who created the contraversial 'Angel Of The North' and Barbara Hepworth whose sculptures are an expression of organic forms in our every day lives. I particularly like the sculpture that is featured because of the explosion of orange and yellow which is a result of the rough wiery weather that we brits have become accustomed to.

What do colour psychologists think about the colour orange?

Orange is most commonly found in nature, orange implies warmth, fruitfulness, happiness, energy and wealth in all its forms. Orange can lift our spirits and theirfore reduce irritability and hostility, its use in decor could improve our social behaviour.


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