Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pianthus Pinks

Pianthus Pinks Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

What do colour psychologists think about Pink?
The colour Pink represents love, Friendship, Relaxation and compassion. Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions compared to Red, Pink has a softer feeling. If you are a Pink person you may be seeking affection, gentility and tenderness or you may be impulsive and immature.

A few fascinating facts about the colour Pink:
The colour pink was named after the Pianthus flower or Pinks, for its ragged edges on each petal. Dress makers will be familiar with pinking shears, scissors which produce a zig-zag cut similar to petal edges. In the 1940s, a bartender invented the Pink Lady, a basic concoction of Gin, Grenadine, Egg white and lemon juice. Pink Elephants have been the favourite hallucination of drinkers for a long time. Pink is also the colour of expensive diamonds and the Pink Flamingo whose pigment is achieved from the rich sources of cartenoid pigments in the algae and small crustaceans the birds eat. 'tickled pink' means 'i am delighted' the expression first appeared in print in 1922 and continues to be used today. 'strike me pink' is an expression of astonishment used in early 1900s much as one might say, 'ill be damned'.


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