Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Military Pigeon Grey

Military Pigeon Grey Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

Military Pigeon grey is a colour that i associate with my mates phobia of pigeons and other flapping feathered friends which soar from the sky and land on the floor ready for military ambush, unleashing their powerful poo on the heads of passing pedestrians as they attack you in armies ready to annihilate.

The first time i experienced such an attack was when i was out with some of my mates on a roaring icy cold day the sound of whiplashed winds whooshing wildy the scene was set, a hay stack drifted past on the grimey terrain. Silence, deafening silence filled the air as we saw hoards of these psychotic grey pigeons soar towards us armed with bombs. Wings like fighter jets we knew they were not going to take any prisoners, my mate was overcome by hysteria and he fell victim to the first bomb that was dropped right on his forehead after this warning signal we all headed for cover and knew it was going to be a bloody battle and only the fittest would survive as we leapt under the awning of a metropolitan cafe he told me that he had faced the flying parasites before and surrended to their every whim as he tossed his tuna salad baguette on the floor they were ravished and ate it in seconds whilst Nathan escaped without further confrontation.

What do colour psychologists think about Grey?

A preference for grey suggests that you keep your feelings, which can be quite passionate and outrageous, under control because they scare you. In order to avoid involvement and commitment you may well be detached from your surroundings and people you admire.


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