Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Love Burns In The Passion Of Red

Scarlet Fever Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

Love Burns In The Passion Of Red
Love burns in the passion of red, Scarlet satin sheets sprawled over her bed. Spice red, fiery breath, scented rose petals, sacred heart. Lipstick and lingerie ruby red, velvet pillows yield to her head. Bright red nails gripping tight the aftermath of a steamy night. The scent of pear drops sweet and dry, dusty red blusher near her eye.Tempestuous lips that i admire those were the lips of a scarlet liar.
By Steve Sladdin

What do colour psychologists think about Red?

Red is the colour of blood, red is symbolic of both life and death. Red has the ability of increasing our heart rate and blood pressure. It can make a room look smaller and feel warmer than it really is - one way to save on heating bills! Red is often used in Fast food outlets, because as a stimulant it encourages the diner to eat quickly, thereby causing a faster turn-around in clientele. A symbol of love as epitomised by hearts and roses. A person who likes red is considered to be volatile, moving between extremes of emotion, but above all you require variety and challenge in your life. It is no secret that red is also associated with anger, aggression and war. In the 20th century some psychologists have explained the rise of Hitler and Fascism in 1930s Germany, in the powerful combination of red, black and white, used on their instantly recognisable flag.


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