Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Little white lies

Little white lies Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

'Im dreaming of a white christmas' white reminds me of christmas; expectations and anticipation material and wealth frosty mornings and steamy breath, homelessness and deprivation, loneliness and isolation heating bills and log fires, dicky bows and suit hires, office parties and yuletide logs.

Scarves and mittens, pet kittens cast aside after time to make way for a new toy for that rich obnocious little boy. Overload of food and drink reflection on the past year, arguements and confrontation, pub brawls and police delegation.

Sad souls and expensive trips to the poles to see santa and be part of the christmas banter, see the elves filling the shelves with gifts, Falling snowflakes moons and stars. What is christmas i ask myself a time for money and a time for wealth?
By Steve Sladdin

What do colour psychologists think about the colour white?
The use of white as a bridal colour, representing purity and virginity. If you are particularly attracted to the colour white it suggests that you are hardworking and self disciplined you remain focused in order to attain your goals, you may appear cold and insensitive. In reality however you wish to share your belongings and live longer. White is both a safe and exciting colour: safe because it blends in with all other colours and exciting because, like a blank piece of paper, it has the potential to be anything you wish. White creates a sense of vulnerability because it does not allow for anywhere to hide and yet it has the power to deceive by hiding what is beneath it. White can represent fear, emptiness and impenetrable cold.


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