Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jet Black

Jet Black Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

I associate the colour black with immense tragedy for me it is synonymous with death and funerals two severe tragedies which i had to deal with quite recently were the consecutive deaths of both my cousin who died in a 'freak' accident whilst coming home from a night out and my Grandad who died three days before Christmas with my Grandma at his bedside as he tried to fight off the virus which had plagued his body. I really miss both of these relatives but my Grandad in particular as we were just beginning to get to know each other properly he was quite a comical chap at times and we often had a good laugh at his old fashioned views.

What do colour psychologists think about the colour black?

In Europe, black is considered the traditional colour of mourning. Black can represent many things: fear, evil, the powers of darkness, annihilation, and evoke a sense of mystery. Black is worn by professionals because it oozes respectability and conformity perhaps it allows the wearer to mask their true personality.


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