Sunday, October 17, 2004

Green Fingers

Green Fingers Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

'Green Fingers' a term usually associated with gardening reflecting the the nurture and growth of plants, flowers and shrubs but to me when i hear this phrase i think of enchanting wilderness' where the grass is overgrown and moss plagues the bark of trees engulfing the tree like an illness eating away at its inner core, i think of wrotting food stuffs cast away in heaps by passers by enjoying a pastoral dalliance in the basking sunshine. Deep dark caverns and damp mossy caves clad with ivy and untamed weeds cascading water and unearthly rock formations ravaged by roaring winds.

What do colour psychologists think about the colour Green?

Green is equated with the countryside and outdoor pursuits. In colour therapy, green is used to treat heart disease. Yellow greens conjure up images of spring, youth and growth; blue greens are seen as cold and icy; dark greens are considered to be rich with an element of mystery and are synonymous with dark damp hidden caves. A preference for green can indicate a well adjusted, conventional person, or someone who is self-centred and likes to get their own way. Today, green is most commonly associated with safety, from first aid points in factories, green traffic lights indicating that it is safe to cross the road. To environmentally friendly products. Green has negative connotations too- disease, envy and jealousy.


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