Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Brown Originally uploaded by Ferrari1.

I was walking through some woods not long ago and i came across this incredible sight a bundle of interwoven branches and roots like a spaghetti junction a network of flourishing growth that was awe inspiring it was such a beautiful sight it conjured up a multitude of images to me it was a metaphor for life both complex and exciting. It wanted to be explored and had hidden secrets lurking in the many crevices that it possessed there were wild mushrooms clinging to the base of the tree and sticky sap caging mini beasts it was a hierachy within the wilderness and a kingdom for all that inhabited it.

What do colour psychologists think about the colour brown?

A preference for brown suggests that you require a secure home life, appreciate your creature comforts and enjoy good food. Due to an association with the earth, brown represents comfort, stability and fertility.


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